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A hackathon is a team competition for developers, during which specialists from different fields (programmers, designers, analysts, product managers) work together to solve a technical task in a limited time. The hackathon takes place in the form of an offline or online event, which is preceded by a large application (advertising) campaign and selection of participants. For a customer company, a hackathon is a tool for testing product hypotheses, searching for new creative solutions, mass hiring IT specialists, or implementing marketing tasks. The participants are motivated by a cash prize, the opportunity to receive an offer from a corporation and / or create a new product and find new acquaintances. And sometimes it's "just for fun".

Event type

Two key factors when choosing a format: the budget and wishes for the geography of the hackathon

  • Offline
  • Online


The classic hackathon lasts continuously from 30 to 48 hours and takes place on weekends. The two-day hackathon starts on Saturday morning, and the three-day hackathon starts on Friday after 18:00. The final is always held on a Sunday afternoon.

  • 2 days
  • 3 days

Number of tasks (tracks)

A task (track) is a task to create or improve an IT product for a business customer, which is being worked on by hackathon participants. Several teams compete within the same track. In rare cases, each team may have its own task. In the case of a hackathon with multiple tracks/challenges, each track should have its own prize pool.

Number of teams per track

From 3 to 5 people in a team

The number of teams in a track depends on the size of the hackathon and the number of tasks. The more tasks, the fewer commands in one track.


  • economy

    A simple site within the Moscow Ring Road with all the necessary equipment (500-1200 sq.m.). A loft, a small meeting space, or even a public space in your office is suitable.

  • medium

    The average venue within the Third Ring Road (900-2000 sq.m.) with several rooms (zones), a stage and with comfortable transport accessibility.

  • premium

    A large well-known venue within the Third Ring Road (2000-7000 sq.m.) with a spacious foyer, several halls, and opportunities for additional activities. A large congress venue, concert venue (club), or sports arena may be suitable.

Demo day

Presentation session of startups-participants for the organizers, investors and invited guests. The demo day is held at the end of the acceleration program and is its final

  • Offline
  • Online

Demo day

Anyone can come to the open demo day to get acquainted with the projects. Only representatives of the customer company and invited experts participate in the closed demo day.

  • Open
  • Closed

Number of participants (projects)

How many startups would you like to invite to the accelerator (after the selection process)

Tracking duration

number of weeks

Tracking is project support by a business expert who monitors the formation and development of participants' projects, advises participants, helps implement management techniques, helps make decisions and test hypotheses.

Number of tasks (tracks)

The task of the championship is a data set and a task that must be solved by building a model for analyzing and processing data. The task is provided by the organizer or partner of the championship.

Participants (registrations) in each task

The number of participants depends on the complexity of the tasks, the budget for the advertising campaign and the organizer's expectations.


Indicate which markets and projects you are interested in: Russia, the CIS or the whole world.

  • Russia
  • CIS
  • World

Number of applications (projects)

Number of projects found through scouting, campaign budget criteria, and proposed motivation.

Direction (subject of projects)

The number of projects on the market and the result of scouting depend on how narrow the subject of scouting is.

Level of projects development

- Only companies with profit

- Starting from companies with a finished product / technology

- We also consider projects with MVP

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